Apple Watch Sport 42mm

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Apple Watch Sport 42mm

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Apple Watch Sport 42mm

3 tiendas (5 sucurcales en total) 5 puntos
Tamaño de la pantalla: 1,5 ", Resolución de la pantalla: 319x390 pixels, Pantalla táctil, Sistema operativo: iOS, Tipo de interfaz: Bluetooth / NFC / WiFi, Protección: Water Resistant, Dimensiones: 42 x 35.9 x 10.5 mm


Especificaciones Técnicas

Tamaño de la pantalla
1,5 "
Resolución de la pantalla
319x390 pixels
Tipo de pantalla
Retina display with Force Touch
Pantalla táctil
Memoria interna
8 GB
Sistema operativo
Tipo de interfaz
Bluetooth, NFC, WiFi

Características Especiales

Características adicionales
Caja de resonancia, Micrófono
Water Resistant
Correa intercambiable

Plugins & Funciones

Giroscopio, Acelerómetro, Monitor del ritmo cardíaco
Caller ID, Email, Media Player, SMS, Aviso de aplicaciones

Características Generales

42 x 35.9 x 10.5 mm
30 gr
Duración de la operación
18 hrs
Duración de la inactividad
72 hrs

Analysis del producto

"Don't let that confusion -- and a feeling of buyer's remorse -- win the day. Why? On the other side, if you're like me, you'll slowly begin to appreciate your Apple Watch... for being a watch. " creado por Specialist 1 en 21/11/2016.

First and foremost, before you buy an Apple Watch, you need to be damn sure that you're ready to wear a watch again.

If you're thinking about getting an Apple Watch and have been on the fence, this review is for you. Why? The Apple Watch, it turns out, is less about being the perfect smartwatch than it is about being a watch. For the fence sitters out there, these two questions are really where you should start:

First, do you want a watch?

Second, do you want a digital wearable device you can use to transform your life, pay for coffee, live healthier, and make the rest of the world think you're actually paying more attention than you really are?

If the second question is more important to you, then you're probably going to be disappointed with the Apple Watch.

You can buy other bands for the Apple Watch, of course, to change the look and feel to make it more appropriate for different occasions if you so desire. As for Apple's Sport Band, I must say, the fluoroelastomer band is astoundingly comfortable. Apple went to great lengths to create a watch system that is customizable through bands and materials in order to let us make it more personal. Plus, we'll be able to buy new third-party bands to make it even better and more versatile.

For me, though, the Apple Watch look is just OK. I don't find my Apple Watch particularly inspiring or see it as a reflection or modifier of my personality. For starters, 42mm is too small. I'd much prefer a larger watch face with a form factor that was slightly thicker to accommodate a bigger battery.

And round. I'd rather have a round watch, something that looks far more robust and masculine. Just saying. But Apple builds for the masses, not necessarily for guys like me. Plus, for outdoor activities, I'm going to need some sort of bumper case to protect the rounded glass edges. No way I'll trust the Apple Watch's edges as I'm scrambling around rocks.

Then there are the watch faces, which you can configure by adding additional details, like the date, weather, battery life, or your activity data. Unfortunately, to conserve battery, the watch faces are not lit up unless you activate your Apple Watch. So most of the time your Apple Watch face is a flat black and shiny rectangle. At first I was irritated that I could not just glance at my Apple Watch and see the glorious watch face and note the time -- but I got over that. Instead, I raise my wrist and the face lights up.

How well does that work? Surprisingly well. It's pretty smart, actually, but not foolproof. For instance, I can whip my wrists into a frenzy while tying my shoes and the face won't light up. It's not confused. But when I drive with my left hand on top of the steering wheel and make a right turn, boom, the watch face lights up.


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